Grind Your Way to Knighthood at Titan Poker

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Players at Titan Poker are now able to enjoy participating in a brand new promotion which rewards customers who are grinders in the poker room with unbeatable rewards of huge cash bonuses every month. The new promo, “Lord of the Grind” is entertaining as well as extremely lucrative making it fun to add up all your player points and watch the cash rewards pouring into your pending account at the end of every month.

Players at Titan Poker just need to opt in at the beginning of each month if they wish to participate in that particular month, as the points are not carried over from one month to the next for the purposes of this promotion. The aim of the exercise is to achieve the highest possible level out of the four levels of ‘grinding difficulty” and get the “Lord of the Grind Shield” that fits your points total for a specific number of days during one calendar month.

Opt to Participate in the Lord of the Grind When It Suits You

The great thing is that you are not required to play on consecutive days meaning you can play at weekends or on days when you don’t have commitments that will not allow you to focus on your poker entertainment in peace and quiet. You can enjoy the innovative concept of this interesting promo that aims to make you into a “Knight of the Round Poker Table” at Titan Poker and rewards you handsomely for doing so!

Titan Poker is the largest poker room operating from the iPoker network which is the biggest poker network in the world. There is a huge volume of poker traffic coming to the poker room making it easy at any time of the day or night to find action at the poker tables and at Sit & Go tournaments, as well as solid participation in the marvelous selection of poker tournaments. Register a new account today at Titan Poker using he bonus code, bonusrider and you will be sure to receive your 200% match deposit bonus up to the sum of $2,000.


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