Choose Betsson for Your Sports Betting

BetssonBetsson is a fast growing sports betting and gaming business headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden where it is listed on the stock exchange and has recently celebrated 50 years in the business, earning numerous awards for excellence along the way. It migrated to the internet in the year 2000 and has seen its market share in the gaming business grow rapidly with based on the European Union island of Malta operating as the BML Group Ltd. The sports book is offered in 18 European languages and more than 60 diverse sports feature on the home page including sports which are firm favourites with sports fans in the Nordic countries.

Wide Coverage of Diverse Sports

Betsson is very strong in its coverage of football and gives odds for lower level domestic leagues as well as the top clubs which are always in the limelight. You will find Northern European favourites such as Bandy, ice hockey and winter sports making this a very exciting sports betting platform with diverse action on offer. With plenty of attention given to all levels of sporting activity Betsson Sports attracts punters who are interested in a wide selection of clubs and this has lead to the creation of a dynamic and vibrant online community.

The blog is constantly updated giving customers thrilling news and information on various sporting events ranging from basketball to tennis and ice hockey. You will also find promotions regularly published on the blog making it a place to visit in order to stay abreast of all the great offers posted there. Register your account with Betsson Sports today through our link below and include the registration code ‘pokernet’ to get a great welcome bonus of up to £45 and enrollment to the VIP Club where you get cash back for points earned from wagering on all Betsson gaming products.


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Watch Live Horse Racing at BetVictor Sports

Betvictor pic for every productBetVictor Sports has begun the year 2014 with a fabulous selection of promotions and thousands of exciting markets on a huge range of sports that are appealing to punters located all over the globe. For horse racing fans it is a very promising year as BetVictor Sports has introduced a scheme for horse racing in the UK and Ireland where the punter is required to bet just £1 or €1before a race begins in order to view the race live from his or her computer. The promo applies on the actual day of the race as it will be streamed live from the racetrack giving the customer all the action as it occurs. This is another fabulous service offered by BetVictor Sports that gives added value to placing bets from this outstanding sports betting and gaming platform.

Horse racing fans who place bets on the internet from a PC or mobile device have the best odds guarantee from BetVictor Sports for all Irish and UK horse racing as long as bets are placed before the start of race. Customers are advised that the best price guarantee applies to bets that are not on Extra markets or match bets.

Non Runner Free Bets on Big Races

BetVictor Sports has allows been passionate about horse racing giving its customers great coverage and a huge selection of markets to choose from. There are non-runner free bet offers in place for the high profile horse races taking place in 2014 ensuring that punters get their bets refunded if the horse of their choice did not take part in the race on the day. Register a new account today with BetVictor Sports using our link below and get a welcome bonus of up to £25.


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Betting Exchange Added to Ladbrokes Sports

ladbrokesLadbrokes Sports has made a fabulous addition to its sports betting platform which revolutionizes the way that customers can place their sports bets. The sports betting exchange is a platform provided by Ladbrokes Sports to enable punters to bet against each other whilst Ladbrokes simply operates on a commission basis taking a small commission on winnings only. The commission begins at 5% of the winnings but this is reduced according to the amount of betting exchange business is done by a customer over a single week.

The interesting thing about the betting exchange is that you can choose to bet against a particular outcome which is called laying or you can choose to back a selection. All you need is to find somebody who will come forward and bet against what you have opted for and that is what the betting exchange is there for. When you make your bet is not immediately accepted as somebody needs to come forward to take up the challenge. If you cannot find somebody prepared to accept your bet then your bet is cancelled and you need to seek out an alternative bet or place a traditional bet at Ladbrokes Sports where you are betting against the bookmaker.

Read All About It

The instructions about making bets on the betting exchange a very carefully detailed on the help page at Ladbrokes Sports and you will be pleased to see that when you fill in your bet slip you are immediately told how much your liability will be if your selection loses. Only then are you asked to confirm your bet so no errors can be made. Register an account today with Ladbrokes Sports using our link below and get a welcome bonus of up to £50 in the form of a free bet when you include the bonus code F50.


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Use to Profit from Live In Play Bets

livescore.dkLivescore web pages are the best way for sports fans and punters who are looking to maximize the benefits associated with betting live during play to know exactly the state of play at any given moment in time. Gone is the necessity of carrying out lengthy time consuming and annoying searches through sports results on various sites online which are bogged down with commentary and don’t give the actual scores before the end of a game or match.

When you go to you will find the currently updated and constantly revised scores for the various international tennis livescore championships and tourneys taking place all over the globe. The results are posted game by game and set by set so you can have a perfect overview of how your favourite players are progressing and when exactly to place a bet on the likely outcome. Tennis has become such a popular sport worldwide that it is quite difficult to keep up with the various engagements of the high profile players and the ‘new’ stars who seem to appear out of the ‘blue’.

Find Football and Tennis Action

With livescores you are able to access the actual state of play with a click on a tab and decide how to place your bets and of course how well your actual bets are doing. The same applies for the football sport which has thousands of clubs playing all year round. You can find out what the various Champions League clubs are doing, how well they are progressing, placing your wagers live in play if you feel inspired. Find the very best online sports betting platforms at and create an account today.



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Years of Tradition at Ladbrokes Sports Betting

Ladbrokes Sports has been offering a superb betting service to its registered online customers since 1999. The web site has evolved with the technology that has changed dramatically over the years making a very attractive and user friendly sports betting site for users. Some two million people from around 200 countries have signed up to Ladbrokes Sports and about 800,000 are active members of the vast and diverse community.

Find All the Markets You Want

Ladbrokes Sports offers a flexible and dynamic betting service with thousands of exciting markets which cannot fail to thrill the punters. A massive list of sports are covered on the home page as well as financial betting and markets for TV and Radio shows as well as political events. There is probably very little that you can’t bet on at Ladbrokes Sports so it is definitely worth registering an account and joining all those people who are enjoying the fabulous opportunities to make money on markets where the odds are favorable and the payouts fast. Ladbrokes has a broad variety of transaction methods open to punters which are secure and make it a great online sports betting choice.

Horse racing coverage is phenomenal at Ladbrokes Sports with the US markets covered in detail and racing in Hong Kong, South Africa, Australia, the UK and Eire all there for you to select your winners. You are able to check out the way a track is set up and the kind of ground conditions prevailing at the different race courses. Register a new account today at Ladbrokes Sports Betting using our link below and remember to include the bonus code FB50 to get your welcome bonus of up to £50.

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Catterick Racecourse Information

Catterick RacecourseThe Village of Catterick Bridge has long been the site of the largest and busiest racecourse in the Northern Part of Yorkshire. There are records of Informal horse race meetings dating back to 1783 with the present track established in 1813 around the lake which is today a beautiful feature of the racecourse and has a magnificent recently renovated Course Enclosure situated by the lake.

The Grandstand and Paddock enclosures are located by the side of the track giving great views of the races from the two tiers that have been built for fabulous visibility. There are race meetings held throughout the year on the track which is made for both flat races of which there are 17 fixtures and National Hunt meetings which number 10 in total. The National Hunt races over jumps are held in the coldest winter months of December to the beginning of March. Flat racing starts in April through to November with plenty of excitement on warm summer days where all the family can experience horse racing at its best in the glorious sunshine.

The ambience at the racecourse is very relaxed and noticeably informal and friendly making it an ideal place to spend the day out with the family. Every Sunday sees the biggest Sunday Market in Northern England set up for the benefit of everybody in the area and for visitors from communities that are quite far away.

Catterick Racecourse is important for the local economy in many ways as it provides fabulous racing entertainment, conference facilities for businesses and many jobs in this rural location. With at least one race meeting held monthly there are many visitors to the area using the restaurants, hotels and keeping the shops busy.

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Place all Your Bets With William Hill Sports

William Hill Sports betting is a truly innovative bookmaker that operates on the internet as well as in just about every high street in the UK. Established as a tiny betting business in 1934, William hill Sports has grown into a massive international company offering punters all over the world the freedom to place bets on just about whatever they want to bet on whether it’s a horse race, a football match or if there will be snow at Christmas. The advent of online sports betting has been extremely advantageous to punters as they are given instant access to huge amounts of relevant and very significant information in real time.

At William Hill Sports you can study the archives which are crammed with statistics and info from past performances and you can look at matches and races that were very important at the time. Live streaming of major matches and races is available from events unfolding around the world in various locations, giving punters a unique view of sporting history in the making. You can listen to William Hill Radio live, with vibrant commentary that is both thrilling and fun, making various events come alive in your imagination.

Live Betting Option ‘In Play’

The pleasure of listening to a football match cannot be underestimated in this era of visual dominance of the sport especially when you are busy doing something at the same time which can be boring and tedious. You can also place your bets during play which is a major step forward for punters who wish to cut down the risk level in a bet even if it means that the odds are less favorable. Register a new account today at William Hill Sports betting using our link below and the bonus code F25 and you will be sure to get a welcome bet for free worth up to £25.

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Great Home Page at Ladbrokes Sports Betting

Ladbrokes Sports Betting is a leading bookmaker both online and in the high street and has an impeccable reputation for integrity and excellent odds throughout its long history. The digital technology that is incorporated into the platform is absolutely state of the art and you will be very impressed when you log on to find a beautifully formatted home page in marvelous colors framed in by the pillar box red that is so recognizable on the Ladbrokes logo.

Whatever the sport you are particularly interested in happens to be there is every chance that it is covered by Ladbrokes Sports Betting and that the odds offered are very favorable in comparison with other bookmakers. Punters who enjoy the world of Greyhound Racing and Horse racing can be constantly in touch with all the news as it comes from the races and the stables. All kinds of information about the form of the horses, the performance of the dogs and the situation of both trainers and jockeys is reported in minute detail to help you to make a very well informed bet every time.

Bet Now on Future Races

Ladbrokes Sports doesn’t only offer the odds on races that are scheduled in the short term but also on future races several months ahead. Whether it is future Greyhound races or Horse races that you are focusing on, you will find a broad range to choose from featuring very good odds making it a worthwhile endeavor. Punters only need to look down the left hand side of the home page until they get to future Horse Racing and future Greyhound Racing to discover all the possibilities open to them. Register a new account today at Ladbrokes Sports Betting using our link below and the bonus code FB50 to be sure of getting your free bet worth up to £50.


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Bwin Presents a Fresh Approach to Online Sports Betting

When you log on to bwin sports online you are presented with a fantastic home page which looks totally up to the minute in its contemporary design using bright and distinctive graphics against a background of very refreshing color combinations. The web site is easy to use and includes very comprehensive lessons on how to place your bets under the tab, betting school which is very useful for players who may have never placed bets online or just want some re-assurance on the way to make out a bet correctly.

The page

The home page is carefully formatted so as not to give the impression of being cluttered and confusing and has a large window on the right side of the page for watching thousands of videos of football matches and horse racing from the enormous archives kept especially for bwin sport customers. Horse racing is covered extensively including South African races from Kennilworth, racing from several locations in the USA including trotting races which are an incredibly interesting change from the kind of racing most punters are used to, Irish racing as well as English racing making it a very extensive sports book for horse betting unlike many other online bookies who cover the UK and Ireland only.

Place Your Bets Live and Watch the Action Unfold

Live betting is an extremely popular option with live video of actual events, high lights from matches and plenty of very interesting information as well as live chat. While you are placing your bets and waiting for results you can check out the selection of games on the instant play casino available on the right side of the home page including, Blackjack, Melon Madness slot machine, Aztec Gold and Snow business to name but a few. Register a new account at bwin sport today through our link below and you will receive up to €30 of free betting credit matching your initial deposit to your bwin account.

Try Bwin now

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